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SMB Productivity Facts and Figures

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SMB Productivity Facts and Figures

Selling Productivity to SMB’s:

Facts and Figures to incorporate into your sales calls.

Newer PC’s experience 40 percent less downtime than older PCs. On average, mobile PC users are 51 minutes more productive each day. Over 50% of businesses plan to shift to 802.11n wireless networks for increased performance and productivity. 64% of laptop users reported improved productivity working out of the office 2 RAID servers are designed to help small businesses grow by enabling up to 64 percent more sale transactions and up to 56 percent faster business response time.

Perform Microsoft Excel calculations up to 50% faster with the Intel® Core™ i5-650 processor. Faster Transactions: New functions allow to speed up the encoding and decoding data and, as stated, will lead to increased productivity by 60 percent compared to Xeon 5500 chips With Intel® Solid State Drives, Users experience up to 56% faster PC responsiveness compared to hard drives.

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