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Building a Long-Term Strategy for IT Sustainability

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Building a Long-Term Strategy for IT Sustainability

Executive Summary

Intel IT is focused on developing sustainable practices that will allow us to lower our resource consumption and produce less waste while saving resources throughout the company.

We analyzed the business case for IT sustainability—including bottom-line benefits, risk assessment, brand value, and definition of metrics—to determine which programs would yield the greatest benefits to Intel while actively engaging with industry to promote sustainability.

Throughout our assessment, we found that the business case for IT sustainability includes changing IT practices to save resources and improve operational performance as well as developing and promoting ways in which IT can help reduce our environmental footprint. We also realized the importance of instilling change throughout the IT organization.

We developed a sustainability framework and defined associated IT sustainability initiatives along with a set of metrics to measure and help ensure success. Our challenge to develop sustainable IT practices encompassed:
• Establishing a roadmap and baselines.
• Addressing consumption and waste.
• Setting challenging goals.
• Redesigning our business processes.
• Encouraging participation.

Intel IT is firmly committed to reducing Intel’s environmental impact and carbon footprint, and we continue to provide innovative leadership to contribute to Intel’s corporate sustainability.

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