An Introduction to the New Intel® Atom™ Processor-Based Platform

Introducing the Next-Generation Intel® Atom™ Processor-Based Platform (Intel® Atom™ Processor Z6xx Series and Platform Controller Hub MP20)

Intel Corporation’s next-generation Intel® Atom™ processor Z6xx family, along with the new Platform Controller Hub (PCH) MP20, deliver significant power savings while increasing per...formance and maintaining software and Internet compatibility. The platform, previously codenamed “Moorestown,” is designated for scalability across a range of computing devices, including high-end smartphones, tablets and other mobile handheld products.

The Intel Atom processor Z6xx series, previously codenamed “Lincroft,” integrates a 45nm Intel Atom processor core (512K L2 cache, L1 24K Data and 32K Instruction Cache), 3-D graphics and video encode/decode, as well as memory display controllers into a highly integrated system-on-chip (SoC). The Intel PCH MP20, previously named “Langwell” integrates a range of I/O blocks such as NAND controller, low-power audio engine, high-resolution camera, USB OTG, security blocks and wireless, in addition to incorporating several board level functions. Additionally, the platform is accompanied by a dedicated Mix Signal IC (MSIC), codenamed “Briertown,” and supports a range of software platforms including Android*, Moblin* v2.1 and MeeGo*.

The platform implements a range of architecture, design and process techniques to deliver high performance at dramatically lower power levels. Amongst the many techniques, Intel implemented a new, fine grain OS power management approach that makes it possible to achieve low power while delivering industry-leading levels of performance and Internet compatibility.

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