Developing an Enterprise Cloud Computing Strategy

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Developing an Enterprise Cloud Computing Strategy

Executive Summary

Cloud computing is a significant trend with the potential to increase agility and lower costs. Today, however, security risks, the lack of mature technology and standards, and other concerns prevent widespread enterprise adoption of external clouds.

Intel IT is developing a cloud computing strategy based on growing the cloud from the inside out. We already have internal initiatives with many cloud computing characteristics. We will initially grow our internal virtualized computing environment to support an increasing number of cloud-like attributes over time. We plan to aggressively expand and evolve this internal environment.

Additionally, Intel is already taking advantage of external cloud computing technologies. We have many opportunistic software as a service (SaaS) implementations. Our preliminary experiences with infrastructure as a service (IaaS) suggest that it may be suitable for rapid development and some batch applications.

Many applications are not suitable for hosting in external clouds at present. Good candidates may be applications that have low security exposure and are not mission-critical or competitive differentiators for the corporation.

A strategy of growing the cloud from the inside out delivers many of the benefits of cloud computing and positions us to utilize external clouds over time. We expect to selectively migrate services to external clouds as supplier offerings mature, enterprise adoption barriers are overcome, and opportunities arise for improved flexibility and agility as well as lower costs.

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