Implementing On-Demand Services Inside the Intel IT Private Cloud

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Implementing On-Demand Services Inside the Intel IT Private Cloud

To meet changing business requirements at a faster pace, Intel IT has shifted from a traditional static enterprise computing environment to a service-oriented environment. We have embarked on a core business strategy to build an enterprise private cloud to improve infrastructure efficiency along with IT service level agility, availability, and security.

On-demand self-service is a critical aspect of a complete cloud environment; however, without underlying business logic, controls, and transparency, an unconstrained on-demand enterprise private cloud will quickly exceed its capacity by doling out allocations beyond its supply. By instituting a hosting automation framework that includes entitlement, quotas, transparent measured services, and data-driven business logic, we are establishing a true enterprise private cloud that provides a consumer-focused self-service portal.

This model, shown in Figure 1, allows Intel IT to provide capacity to our business users when they need it, removing IT from the critical launch path for business services—a key to creating a more agile enterprise infrastructure to support a dynamic and ever-changing set of business requirements.


Most enterprise environments deliver capacity to application owners, software developers, and service owners through cumbersome business processes that require a significant number of manual touch-points before a single server may land. These business processes were often developed as data center space, power, and cooling capacity were becoming constrained.

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