Enterprise Private Cloud Architecture and Implementation Roadmap

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Enterprise Private Cloud Architecture and Implementation Roadmap

Executive Overview

Intel IT has defined an architecture and implementation roadmap for a private enterprise cloud designed to increase agility and IT efficiency.

The private cloud is a shared multi-tenant environment built on a highly efficient, automated, and virtualized infrastructure. Other key elements of the cloud include standardized application platforms provided as a service and a self-service portal that enables business groups to request and manage capacity for their applications. During the design of our private cloud architecture, we were able to take advantage of the extensive experience gained while building the Intel IT design grid, a large multi-tenant environment used for silicon design. The expected benefits of our office and enterprise private cloud include:
• Increased agility, including significantly reduced provisioning times
• Greater efficiency, including energy savings, due to better resource utilization
• High availability with minimal incremental cost, by taking advantage of enhancements to industry-standard hardware and software
• Improved capacity management, taking advantage of new business intelligence tools

Because of the extensive scope of this initiative, we plan to deliver private cloud capabilities in phases over the next three or more years. As we add these capabilities, we expect that the cloud will become capable of hosting highly demanding, mission-critical business applications.

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