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The Future of Cloud Computing Planning Guide

Preparing your virtualized data center for the cloud

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Future of Cloud Computing: Technology for Tomorrow’s Cloud

Preparing Your Virtualized Data Center for the Cloud

Why you should read this document.

This guide provides practical information to help you prepare your data center for the cloud with:
• Unified networking, a new infrastructure based on 10 Gigabit Ethernet (GbE).
• Scale-out storage that combines software and converged storage servers to deliver high-speed access to data.
• Trusted server pools that demonstrate high integrity and build trust across dynamic environments.
• Power management that monitors and caps power in real time from server, rack, zone, and data center levels

Virtualization is becoming the new norm for enterprise data centers. It’s also a key technology that can help you get to the cloud—and these days, the cloud is top of mind for most IT managers.

If cloud is at the top of your agenda, you’re probably looking at it as a way to improve server utilization, build efficiencies in the data center, provide elastic scaling, support self-service, and provision applications faster—as well as respond better to the business. The virtualized data center is the first step and the foundation for implementing a cloud environment.

Along with the promise of significant benefits, the cloud also places greater demands on the data center. IT managers are seeing increases in virtual machine (VM) density per server and running into bottlenecks with existing storage and networking architectures. This has led to greater capacity demands, increased complexity, and more and more massive interconnections. Although this setup may work for a while, IT managers are finding that it doesn’t scale—reducing the flexibility and efficiency benefits associated with cloud environments.

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