Intel® 855PM Chipset DDR 200/266 MHz

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Intel® 855PM Chipset DDR 200/266 MHz

Intel® Centrino® mobile technology with integrated wireless LAN capabilities was designed specifically for wireless notebook PCs – delivering outstanding mobile performance and enabling extended battery life and thinner, lighter designs.

The Intel® 855PM Memory Controller Hub (MCH) is an Intel Centrino mobile technology component. The MCH manages the flow of information between its four interfaces: the processor side bus (communication with the Intel® Pentium® M processor), memory interface, AGP interface, and hub interface. The MCH arbitrates between the four interfaces when each initiates an operation. The Intel 855PM Memory Controller Hub (MCH) is designed for use with the Intel Pentium M processor/Intel® Celeron® M processor. The MCH supports data coherency via snooping and must perform address translation for access to AGP Aperture memory. To increase system performance, the MCH incorporates several queues.

The Intel 855PM MCH may contain design defects or errors known as errata, which may cause the product to deviate from published specifications. This information will be available in Specification Updates.

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