Intel® 852GM Chipset Platform

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Intel® 852GM Chipset Platform

Intel® 852GM Chipset Platform: Design Guide

For Use with the Mobile Intel® Pentium® 4 Processor-M, Mobile Intel® Celeron® Processor on .13 Micron Process in the 478-Pin Package, and Intel® Celeron® M Processor

This design guide organizes and provides Intel’s design recommendations for the Intel® 852GM chipset-based systems. These design guidelines have been developed to ensure maximum flexibility for board designers while reducing the risk of board related issues.

The following processors can be combined with the Intel 852GM GMCH chipset:
• Mobile Intel® Pentium® 4 Processor-M Mobile Intel® Celeron® processor
• Intel® Celeron® M processor

The Intel 852GM GMCH is a graphics memory controller hub (GMCH) component for mobile platforms. It provides the processor interface, system memory interface (DDR-SDRAM), Hub interface, CRT, LVDS, and one DVO port.

An ACPI-compliant Intel 852GM chipset platform can support the full -On (S0), Power On Suspend (S1-M), Suspend to RAM (S3), Suspend to Disk (S4), and Soft-Off (S5) power management states. Through the use of an appropriate LAN device, the chipset also supports wake-on LAN for remote administration and troubleshooting. The chipset architecture removes the requirement for the ISA expansion bus that was traditionally integrated into the I/O subsystem of PCIsets/AGPsets.

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