Intel® 6400/6402 Advanced Memory Buffer: Spec Update

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Intel® 6400/6402 Advanced Memory Buffer: Spec Update

Intel® 6400/6402 Advanced Memory Buffer: Specification Update, October 2006

This is an update to the specifications in the documents listed in the “Related Documents” table. It is a compilation of device and document errata and specification clarifications and changes, and is intended for hardware system manufacturers and software developers.

Information types defined in the Nomenclature section of this document are consolidated into this document and are no longer published in other documents. This document may also contain previously unpublished information.

Summary Table of Changes: The tables included in this section indicate the errata, specification changes, specification clarifications, and documentation changes that apply to the Intel 6400/ 6402 Advanced Memory Buffer. Intel may fix some errata in a future stepping of the component, and account for other outstanding issues through documentation or specification changes as noted.

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